Areas of Study


Our vocal coaches offer their expertise in a variety of musical styles.  Whether you’d like to sing pop, rock & roll, jazz, musical theater, or opera, we have the right teacher for you!

We offer lessons for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced.  Learn to accompany yourself on guitar or piano, or strengthen your skills as a solo artist.  Need to get prepared for that big musical or opera audition?  No problem!  Our highly skilled instructors can help you with that as well!

Our instructors have been classically trained at accredited institutions around the world, and are with accomplished musicians with a plethora of experience performing in various capacities, be they bands, musical productions, or even operas!  Our instructors are not only educators, but working musicians themselves!

Piano lessons are offered for levels beginner through advanced  in both classical and popular styles.  Just as ballet is the foundation for all dance, piano is the foundation for all music. 

No matter which  particular style a student wishes to study, his or her  training will be structured around a solid foundation in classical technique.  This does not necessarily mean classical pieces, per se, but classical repertoire will be included in all styles of study. 

Weekly lessons include:  scales, sight-reading exercises, theory, repertoire (both classical and popular), as well as personal composition if desired.  Students are encouraged to keep their own practice log at home, as daily practice is essential for the developing musician. 

Students may elect to study electric or acoustic guitar, and many styles will be explored.  Both note-reading and tablature theories of reading will be emphasized, as well as becoming proficient in reading, forming, and understanding the various chordal and strumming patterns, which are essential for any budding guitarist.  

Whether you want to be the next Jimmy Page, or Jimi Hendrix, we can help you find your inner rocker! 

Or for the future Taylor Swift, we can help you hone in on your songwriting skills.

No matter what you choose to do with your guitar study, it is a skill and instrument that will be with you throughout your entire life!